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How the process works:

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1. Tell us about your property

Once you have provided us with your address, we will get to work compiling all the data points to get an accurate analysis of your home. Of course, we will share all that totally awesome analysis with you, and no we never share your personal info!

2. Schedule an appointment

Once we've got all of that data together, we will come to your property at a time that works for you, we will take a few photos and show you our analysis.

3. Review your options

After we meet together, we will put a list of options together that will equip you with the knowledge you need to make the best decision for you. Sometimes, we know your best option is not us, and that’s ok! We’re here to make this a breeze for you. 

4. Make your decision

Home is a very important thing. The best one to decide for you to sell or stay, is well...You! Our purpose is to prepare you with the best information available, so you can feel great about your decision. No matter what you decide, our service is always free for you. 

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As a client of ours, you are family! We are currently in 15 different states, stretching from Pennsylvania all the way west to Phoenix, AZ! We strive to embody the values of Christ as we serve all of these great states. Our goal is to meet your needs, so that, you can peacefully move forward in getting your home sold. Sometimes we buy it, sometimes we suggest a local realtor, sometimes we say wait. Whatever it is, we promise you will be served well.

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Meet the Team...

Real estate CEO Brandon

Brandon Gilkey: CEO & Managing Director 

Building business relationships, networking and analyzing properties is where Brandon thrives. He has analyzed multi-family, SFR, mobile home parks, and commercial properties across the US over the last decade. However, he believes no type of real estate is better to own than Single Family Houses.  Born and raised in Edmond, Oklahoma, Brandon graduated from Deer Creek High School in '99 and Abilene Christian University in '03. He and his wife Stephanie have been married since 2004 and have 3 amazing sons. Brandon is hopeful, one day, his own parents would love him almost as much as they love their grandchildren!

Johnny headshot.jpg

Johnny Stallion: VP of Acquisitions & Operations

When it comes to discovering the true After Repair Value of a home, no one can touch Johnny. In addition to being a value expert he has been a seasoned real estate professional since 2000, excelling in both the residential and commercial sectors. His proactive approach involves collaborating with local and state authorities to expedite deals for everyone’s benefit; with a strong sense of mission, Johnny specializes in helping families facing foreclosure, aiming to provide relief when conventional solutions are scarce, all while aspiring to create affordable housing complexes across Nevada. He and his wife Serena don't have kids yet, but Johnny's best friend (Brandon G) is pushing hard for some nephews! 

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kim headshot.jpg

Kim Esquierdo: Operations Manager

One of the trailblazers at Investor Deals Today, Kim holds many roles from GM, to Quality Control, to IT, coaching staff, implementing SOPs,  to making sure the CEO doesn't loose his phone. Her journey in real estate began after graduating from Our Lady of Perpetual Help School in 2013 and earning her Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship from University of Pasig in 2017. Kim has made New Zealand her home planning to establish a lasting future together, possibly with her boyfriend IF she can convince that CEO dude up there that the BF is worthy of her! Beyond her career, Kim finds joy in capturing moments through photography, caring for her beloved pets, and exploring local cafes to savor different coffee blends.

H P Rovey ic.jpg

Heart excels in supporting day-to-day operations, including tasks such as contract drafting, email management, and appointment scheduling. Despite her relatively recent entry into the real estate industry, she stands out due to her dedication, work ethic, and ability to adapt.

Born and raised in Manila, Philippines, Heart currently attends Rizal Technological University as a third-year college student pursuing a degree in Psychology. Heart's ability to contribute to her educational expenses while gaining valuable work experience further underscores her commitment and resourcefulness. In her free time she loves to read a good book! 

Heart Pacete: Transaction Coordination


Dene is a seasoned professional in the real estate industry, and over the last seven years, she has played a key role in assisting entrepreneurs in building their businesses from the ground up. She has a diverse skill set, but her consistency and work ethic are what really make her amazing.  She lives in the Philippines, where she has learned the value of hard work and determination, qualities that propelled her to overcome challenges and successfully complete her degree at Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology.  She is married with 3 beautiful daughters, and she loves the flexibility that IDT gives her to be a mom and fully enjoy watching her children grow up!

Dene Cagampang: Processing & Inventory 

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